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Hi TrulyRichClub Member,

I have a question.

Are you ready to move to a higher level in your financial life?

Let me describe who I’m talking to: People who have already grown in their finances; People who have tasted some level of success already; People who’re earning well in their jobs and businesses. But for some reason, they feel they’ve reached a plateau and want help from mentors and like-minded friends towards greater financial abundance.

Are you this person?

Are you asking these questions…

Today, I’d like to give with you the answer to these questions.

Yes, you can to go to the next level in your financial life.

Yes, you can break your income ceiling.

Yes, you can grow your career, expand your businesses, and multiply your investments.

Yes, you can grow your wealth so you can help more people.

But let me first ask you a very important question…

Who Do You Hang Out With?

I have a small wealth group.

I’ve been meeting these spectacular individuals for 7 years now.

My group is a small bunch of very wealthy people.

How wealthy are they?

Let me give you an idea.

Before one of our meetings actually started, one of the guys answered his phone.

After a minute, he came back to our table and said, “You guys make me lucky. I just closed a P400 million deal...”

The others around the table gave him high-fives.

After our opening prayer, we started the meeting.

We took turns sharing.

The first guy said, “I just bought a property worth P90 Million.”

The second person said, “I launched three new businesses all at the same time.” He described each one of them, all huge businesses. “I’m going through a learning curve and it’s costing me,” he said. “One of my new businesses lost me P6 Million last month. But I already recovered it this month...”


The third member spoke up. “My business is doing spectacularly well and I’m very grateful to God. I’ll go international next year.” He explained what it was all about and how incredibly exciting it was. “And I’m building a new house!” he announced.

I asked how much it was.

“Not too expensive,” he said. “Just P50 Million.”

The fourth person shared. “God has been good. I can’t complain. One of my businesses earned P200 Million last year…”

After each meeting, I take home with me new business strategies and systems. But more than these, these special individuals give me a gift: A larger money mindset. They expand my idea of what’s possible.

I tell myself, “If they can do it, I can do it.”

A Clue To How Much You’ll Earn In 5 Years

Do this.

First, on a piece of paper, write the names of 5 friends that you hang out with most often.

Second, write each of their monthly incomes. (Guess.)

Third, add them all up.

Fourth, divide them by 5.

Guess what: There’s a high probability that the answer to that question will be your monthly income five years down the road.

You don’t like the prediction?

You can change it.


Change the people you hang out with.

Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together

We gravitate towards people with the same interests.

Manny Pacquiao fans like flocking together.

Celine Dion fans like talking together.

Charise Pempengco fans like hanging out together.

In the same way, “Entrepreneurship and Investing” fans like swapping stories and talking about their exploits and experiences together.

Let me tell you my story…

Why I Got Stuck In My Financial Growth

This lesson of “who I hang out with” strikes a chord in my heart. Because this was my experience.

After many years of working on my finances, and multiplying my income by 20 times, I suddenly felt stuck. My income, though already huge by many people’s standards, didn’t move up anymore. It was like there was an invisible ceiling I created for myself.

But the needs in my expanding ministry were growing—and I wanted to give more. So I needed to earn more!

That was when I started hanging out with my wealth group more frequently—people whose money mindsets were much bigger than mine. And yes, people who were earning much more than I did.

A money mindset is your relationship with money.

It’s also the amount of money you’re comfortable with.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: Money Mindsets are contagious.

Over time, I noticed that my money mindset got stretched too. Listening and talking to multi-millionaires and billionaires had a dramatic effect on how much money I was comfortable with.

And soon, my mind was “forced” to create ways to earn more money. Soon, the income ceiling was broken.

This made me realize a very simple fact: If you want to be a millionaire, learn from a millionaire. If you want to be a multimillionaire, learn from a multimillionaire. And if you want to be a billionaire, learn from a billionaire.

How To Get Into A “Platinum Wealth Circle

So here’s my strong recommendation for you: Look for people whose money mindsets are larger than yours.

First, think of successful entrepreneurs you already have in your circle of acquaintances. Call them up. Go out for lunch. Ask if you could interview them about their business.

Second, get out of your usual itinerary. For example, I highly recommend that you get out of your house and join seminars, workshops, and short classes that entrepreneurs frequent. And befriend successful business-oriented individuals who can inspire you.

Clarification. I’m not asking you to drop off old friends from your list. Instead, I’m asking you to add to your list of friends.

And deliberately go out of your comfort level and hang out with people who are more successful in the area of their finances.

But there’s a third option…

Warning: This Isn’t For Everybody

In 2011, I started the TrulyRichClub’s Platinum Wealth Circle.

It’s not for everybody. Why?

The Platinum Wealth Circle is for entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and investors who already have reached a certain level of success—but now want to move on to a whole new level.

I have a simple criteria for those who can join. I want all the members of the Platinum Wealth Circle to have the same abundance-mindset, a growth-oriented attitude, a hunger-for-learning, and a deep respect for other people.

If you join the Platinum Wealth Circle, here are the four big things you’ll receive as a member…

2 Huge Blessings Of The TrulyRichClub’s Platinum Wealth Circle

When you join my Platinum Wealth Circle, you’ll receive these three incredible blessings…

Blessing #1:
Quarterly “Live” Whole-Day Wealth Meetings
That Will Revolutionize Your Financial Lives

This will be awesome.

There’s nothing like meeting face-to-face.

You’ll join a Quarterly “Live” Whole-Day Wealth Circle Meetings.

Most of these events will be around the metropolis.

Here are SOME of our very own TrulyRichClub Mentors you meet during our Platinum Wealth Days:

Edward Lee
(Founder and Chairman, COLFinancial)

Dean Pax Lapid
(Professor, AIM)

Ronnie Siasoyco
(Chairman, Trion)

Randy Manaloto
(Chairman, Citydorms)

Junie Toreja
(Chairman, Toreja Corporation)

Larry Gamboa
(Bestselling Author, ThinkRichPinoy)

Aside from them, we invite the best of the best speakers to teach and inspire us during these meetings. A few of the previous guest mentors include...

Bernie Liu
(Owner, Penshoppe)

Benedict Hernandez
(President, Accenture)

Justo Ortiz
(Chairman and CEO, Union Bank)

Ricky Gutierrez
(Owner, Chatteau 1771)

Mary Grace Dimacali
(Owner, Mary Grace Cafe)

Dr. Ned Roberto
(Father of Philippine Marketing)

And many, many more...

But for one of these days, we’ll do an out-of-town event. (Note: Costs of the trip aren’t included in the membership fees.)

In our Quarterly “Live” Whole-Day Platinum Wealth Circle Meetings, you’ll receive the following:

Next incredible blessing…

Blessing #2:
Online Wealth Connection

If you live far from Manila—and can’t join our “live” Quarterly Whole-Day Platinum Wealth Circle Meetings —I’ve not forgotten you.

Just in case you miss it, parts of our Wealth Circle Meetings will be recorded for you. It’ll be available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Your Personal Investment

Successful people always invest in their growth.

Because they understand that unless they invest, they won’t earn a profit.

Three years ago, my friend was invited to join a similar wealth group led by a financial guru. The membership fee was P700,000.00 per year. The fee acted as a filter. The wealth group was only for people who had a reached a certain level of success and could afford such a fee—and thus can contribute to the discussions.

You may think that’s expensive. Actually, it’s nothing compared to another wealth group I know whose membership fee is P2.5 Million a year.

But the Platinum Wealth Circle of the TrulyRichClub won’t charge anywhere near those costs.

Members of the Platinum Wealth Circle of the TrulyRichClub will be charged an embarrassingly low fee of P4975 per month only -- so that we can help as many Entrepreneurs as we can. (Requirement: To get the full benefits of the program, please be part of the Platinum WealthCircle for at least ONE YEAR.)

But if you feel you didn’t learn anything, you can cancel at anytime. If after trying it out, you feel that this isn’t for you, just cancel. No hard feelings.

But personally, I doubt you’ll cancel. You’ll realize that this is the missing link in your financial growth: Hanging out with abundance-mindset people will radically change your financial life.

There’s a button below.

Just click it and get ready to move your financial life to a whole new level.

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Yes Bo, I’m Moving Up To A Higher Level Of Abundance;
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